Ancestors grave located!

21st January 2019

A search request………

My wife and myself visited Wimborne Cemetery on Tuesday morning on our way back from a wet and windy Bank Holiday weekend near Lyme Regis.

Following your excellent directions we managed to find the headstone of 3x great grandparents Edward & Maria North. We used a hand brush to carefully clear the face of the headstone and the writing became much clearer. The headstone is actually in quite good condition below the growth of moss and lichen and as I was taking the photos, the sun came out and highlighted the headstone inscriptions perfectly. My wife thought this quite spooky!

After cleaning the headstone, it became apparent that a third person is also interred in the grave. He is the wonderfully named Edward Thomas Woodford Waterfall. I have not come across this name in my family history research, so had no idea who he was.  On further research, he turned out to be the grandson of Edward & Maria North.

Their daughter, Elizabeth Ann North married a Richard Henry Woodford Waterfall. They had two sons, Henry Richard Woodford Waterfall (1853 – 1886) and  Edward Thomas Woodford Waterfall (1854 – 1883) Sadly, both died quite young.  Edward Thomas WW married Elizabeth Jane Chisman and they had two daughters, Alice Maud and Florence Kate Waterfall. Elizabeth lived until 1929 and we believe is buried in Parkstone, near Poole. 

Again, many thanks for your kind help with finding the grave of my 3x great grandparents.

Mick & Roz


It was an absolute pleasure to help Mick & Roz find the grave of their ancestors and thank them for the update and photograph.  

Edward North was born in Wimborne in 1807 and died in Wimborne in 1858. He was buried on 30th October 1858.

Maria North (Nee Norris) was born in Wimborne in 1808 and died in Wimborne in April 1867.