War Graves

There are 46 war graves situated throughout the cemetery with 31 of them being marked by the distinctive memorials commissioned and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  Most were casualties of the First and Second World Wars, however there have also been interments of those who lost their lives in more recent active service and conflicts.

Each year, in the week before Remembrance Sunday, Wimborne Cemetery are proud to individually light each of the graves of the soldiers listed below.  And in November 2018, to mark 100 years since the end of WWI, a specially commissioned beacon was sighted at the top of the cemetery and lit by Wimborne Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service as part of a national event, Battle’s Over.

Here is a Commemorative Map of War Graves.

Surname Forenames Date of Death Grave Ref Rank Regiment
KNOTT Edwin Lewis 13/01/1915 C7 Private Lancashire Fusiliers
HABGOOD Percy Owen 09/11/1915 C3 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery
WHITEWOOD William Charles 07/08/1915 C6 Sick Berth Steward Mercantile Marine Reserve
BENISON Eric William 13/08/1915 C9 Second Lieutenant Royal Garrison Artillery
LONG Arthur 19/08/1915 U6 Stoker 1st Class Royal Navy
FORWARD Frederick Reginald George 15/02/1916 C3 Private Dorsetshire Regiment
SEVIOUR William 10/04/1916 C8 Gunner Royal Field Artillery
COFFIN Charles 28/04/1916 U6 Private Dorsetshire Regiment
JOYCE William Joseph 18/10/1916 U3 Lance Corporal Dorsetshire Regiment
EVAMY Frederick Henry 06/12/1916 C6 Private Devonshire Regiment
STEVENS Charles Maxwell 13/03/1917 C8 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery
CARSHORE Walter Frances 16/04/1917 C6 Lance Corporal Training Reserve
SAMWAYS Christopher F 21/04/1917 C5 Able Seaman Royal Navy
PITFIELD Harry 01/03/1918 C8 Air Mechanic 1st Class Royal Naval Air Service
HORDER Frances George 26/05/1918 C6 Corporal Royal Air Force
BENNETT William Thomas 26/08/1918 C2 Private Dorsetshire Regiment
WELSMAN Percival George 24/09/1918 U6 Air Mechanic 2nd Class Royal Air Force
CAVE Harold Percy 21/10/1918 C6 Corporal Army Service Corps
LOVELL Edward Frank 28/10/1918 C3 Private Army Service Corps
UPSHALL Arthur William 01/11/1918 C4 Private Dorsetshire Regiment
CRYER Eric 15/11/1918 C9 Lance Corporal Royal Fusiliers
MILLER Frank Edward 14/11/1918 C4 Private Army Service Corps
SINGLETON Charles Gordon 22/11/1918 C2 Private Worcestershire Regiment
CULL Frank 09/12/1918 C4 Corporal Royal Garrison Artillery
NORTHOVER Ernest Harry 22/01/1919 U5 Private Dorsetshire Regiment
OSMAN Samuel James 06/06/1919 C7 Serjeant Major Royal Army Service Corps
FOSTER William Herbert 09/06/1919 C5 Guardsman Coldstream Guards
ROSS Wilfred Harry 11/02/1920 C8 Private Royal Army Service Corps
DENNICK John 11/04/1920 C2 Private Hampshire Regiment
BARROW Alfred William 18/04/1920 C2 Private Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)
BARTLETT Louis 23/05/1920 C6 Private 19th (Queen Alexandra’s Own Royal) Hussars
HOOPER George Edward 07/11/1920 U5 Serjeant Devonshire Regiment
WHITLEY-BAKER Edward 16/12/1920 C6 Lieutenant Royal Engineers
GLADDIS Thomas 31/07/1940 C16a Bombardier Royal Artillery
BURNS Francis Gilbert 22/09/1940 C10 Second Lieutenant Royal Engineer
SIBLEY Albert George 04/04/1941 C16a Gunner Royal Artillery
BURT Victor Edward George 25/07/1941 C11 Leading Aircraftman Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
BURDETT Henry Frederick James 02/01/1942 C17 Aircraftman 2nd Class Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
OXFORD Frederick William 14/09/1943 C17 Private Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
RAINFORD William 29/11/1943 C16a Private The King’s Regiment (Liverpool)
TAYLOR Phillip Douglas 07/12/1943 C16a Serjeant The Glider Pilot Regiment A.A.C
STODDERN Nathan 27/03/1944 C16a Serjeant Royal Army Medical Corps
RAY Donald William Garnham 12/07/1944 C17 Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) 17th Bn.
OLDBURY Victor Howard Edgar 06/02/1946 C16a Leading Aircraftman Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
LANGLOIS Sadie Marie 17/01/1999 20 J31 Private The Royal Logistic Corps
HOWARTH Andrew Martin 18/09/2010 23 A14 Trooper The Queens Royal Lancers